Court denies landlord lobby's request for a TRO to block Stable Homes Federal Way Initiative

The court denied the Rental Housing Association’s undemocratic attempt to get a temporary restraining order to block the Stable Homes Federal Way initiative in a court hearing Monday afternoon. 

The case will move forward without a TRO and receive a hearing to show cause 8:30 am Thursday at the Kent Superior Court. 

Organizers for the initiative were pleased by the judge’s decision.

“The court sided with the people in this hearing and we look forward to winning our next hearing. The landlord lobby is grasping at straws trying to slow down the initiative, clearly because they can’t rally the support to win against our grassroots initiative in a fair election,” said Stable Homes Federal Way volunteer, Ginny Ferguson. 

Once passed, this initiative will create good cause eviction protections for renters; requiring landlords to provide reason before evicting tenants; ensuring renters have the ability to live with family; protecting tenants from discriminatory or retaliatory evictions; and protecting members of the military, first responders, seniors, family members, health care providers, or educators from discriminatory evictions.  

Organizers gathered about 10,000 signatures and are confident the initiative will qualify for the November ballot. 

Erin Fenner