Federal Way Education Association

As teachers, we see the dire impact of the Puget Sound’s housing crisis in our classrooms. Stable housing is a crucial component for a successful education, but no-cause evictions can push students into homelessness and housing instability, detrimentally impacting education outcomes. Stable Homes Federal Way is a reasonable policy that will prevent exploitative and retaliatory eviction practices, giving our teachers and students the stability we all need to have a good education environment. 

IAFF Local 2024, South King County Professional firefighters

We support the Stable Homes Federal Way Initiative. We believe there is tremendous benefit to the citizens we serve with the added protections provided by this initiative. Likewise, we support the specified protections for EMS professionals with regard to fair housing practices.

MLKC Labor Council

SEIU Local 6

SEIU Local 775

Teamster Local 117

UFCW Local 21

WFSE Local 1488

Washington Low Income Housing Alliance

Washington Community Action Network

Community Leaders:

  • Former Deputy Mayor Hope Elder

  • Senator Claire Wilson (D)

  • CM Jesse Johnson (D)

  • CM Martin Moore (R)

  • Reverend Josh Hosler