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Join us to pass an Initiative to enact Good-Cause Eviction Protections in Federal Way

What is Stable Homes Federal Way?

We are community members who have come together to pass an initiative in Federal Way to create “Good Cause” eviction protections and prohibit discriminatory evictions. Key components of the initiative:

  • Prohibiting discriminatory evictions based upon the tenant’s status as a member of the military, first responder, senior, family member, health care provider, or educator - we understand the value that they bring to our community and want them to continue to live in Federal Way!

  • Enacting protections so renters have a right to live with their immediate family - currently tenants do not have protections to live with family members in Federal Way.

  • Requiring landlords to follow tenant protection laws and only allow landlords to evict a tenant for good cause. Currently landlords can evict a tenant for any reason by giving month-to-month tenants a 20 day no-cause termination notice or refusing to renew a lease with a tenant.

  • This initiative adopts procedures to protect the rights of landlords and tenants. Even though nearly half of Federal Way residents rent their homes, the city doesn’t have local tenant protections or any way for tenants or landlords to enforce their rights.

  • Read the full text of the initiative here

we qualified for the November ballot!

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